Beer in Review: Nitro Milk Stout

nitroBeer has a long history of being what was handed out as a substitute for a meal to workers, and thus many heavy, rich brews survive to this day. Whenever I’m out late with friends, and I starting to feel peckish, instead of leaving the bar for a bite I order something meant to fill me up. Dark beers, with a creamy base and a complex flavor, are, in my mind, the best thing a brewer can produce. Hence: my love of the milk stout.

The Left Hand Brewing Company makes a marvelous Milk Stout, which is smooth, not hoppy. Its a very creamy brew without being too complex. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is one-note, but this is definitely not a beer I would order to ponder over the flavors of. If you were to pair this with a burger, it would be like eating two burgers. With both orders of fries. The milk stout is something you order instead of getting pub food, not with your pub food (unless, I suppose, you haven’t eaten all day and plan to be up drinking all night). A Nitro Milk Stout is definitely a good choice for someone just starting to foray into the world of stouts, as long as he’s had his introductory Guinness first.

Reference Point: DRINK IF YOU LIKE Guinness BUT WISH IT WAS less bitter