Uncorked: Bogle Vineyard’s Essential Red

Bogle+Essential+Red+2009+labelThis has quickly become my favorite vineyard. Many beer drinkers that steer clear of hoppy beers, like I do, avoid wine because of how frequently we’ve come up against wines that are dry and, therefore, too sharp against our palates. Bogle’s Essential Red is, in my opinion, the kind of wine that will make a beer drinker fall in love with the grape.

This is a wonderfully smooth red, and fruity, largely due to the variety of grapes used. No one fruit dominates the flavor, making for a multi-note drink that isn’t so overly complex that it must stand alone. While I have brought this out as something to be had without a meal, it does pair nicely with tuna as well as (I’m told) chicken and indian spices. It being a red, I was initially afraid it would leave my tongue feeling parched, which is a bewildering thing that sometimes happens with reds. Being a novice wine-lover, I can’t purport to know the reason behind that, but I do know that is a feature of some wines. However, Essential Red behaved like a liquid and didn’t suck the moisture from my tongue in the slightest, for which I was very grateful.

Reference Point: YOU SHOULD DRINK THIS IF YOU don’t like to drink wine because its dry and bitter BECAUSE its not those things