Beer in Review: Palm

palm_beerI rarely go for a beer that isn’t dark or, if they have it, red. But when it gets hot, or if you’re eating something with complex flavors and don’t want to overpower it, you need to grab a light beer. So, I have been making an effort to get into light beers by way of ambers. On my way there, I’ve discovered a fantastic brew, Palm.

One thing that struck me about this Belgian beer when I first drank it was the almost apricot-like fruityness that immediately hits the palate. There are layers of flavor to this beer, but it isn’t so overwhelmingly complex that you have to drink it on its own to really enjoy it. If someone is just starting out into their beer drinking, this would be among those that I would point them to for a first drink. It’s smooth and light without being watery and tasteless, like I find so many lighter beers to be, and is not plagued by the overwhelming bitterness that hops so often give to light beer. Happily, Palm is readily available in the US as well as Europe, and I’m seeing it more and more often in bars and distributors.

Reference Point: DRINK IT IF YOU LIKE Heineken BUT WISH IT WAS tastier.


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