Beer in Review: Kozel Cerny

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of hoppy beers, nor of anything particularly heavy. So it was kozel_log with great delight that I came across a beer to fit the grad student budget while I was in Europe, and it quickly became my favorite beer. Up until that point, I hates beer, having only known of mainstream American fare. Happily, it seems as if the brew has finally made its way across the ocean to North American stores, and it will hopefully be only a matter of time before it comes into the US market. The beer comes in about ten varieties, ranging from Cerny (dark) to Svetly (pale), but this review will focus on the dark brew, as I only had the time to re-familiarize myself with one Kozel brew while passing through Canada and picked my old favorite.

This is, as stated, a dark beer, not hoppy. Surprisingly, though, it is light for its creamy texture and rich base. It has a malted, almost nutty flavor, without being sweet. As it is strong without being too complex, I enjoyed pairing it with spicy pub fare, like hot wings (being vegetarian, I can’t speak to how it tastes with chicken, but it goes well with tofu and seitan).

Reference point: DRINK IT IF YOU LIKE Guinness BUT DON’T LIKE how heavy it is.


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