Beer in Review: Founder’s Breakfast Stout

350x350_breakfast-stoutEvery now and then, I come across a beer that I really only get a sip of. This is because, as soon as I taste it, I immediately start pressing it on everyone around me. This was the case with Founder’s Breakfast Stout. As I’ve written previously, I am an avid fan of milk stouts. I prefer nursing a complex, hearty beer to throwing back a dozen run-of-the-mill light beers. With this in mind, I had gotten myself a mix-a-six of stouts at my local distributor to try out something new, and picked up the bottle largely because the idea of double-chocolate-coffee-oatmeal-beer actually being had for breakfast tickled me.

Though I did, in fact, only drink about a quarter of this bottle (the rest zealously shared with bewildered passers-by whilst I was camping) it left an impression. The beer was, yes, heavier than my beloved Kozel Cerny, but not quite as heavy as a Guinness or Nitro is. This is a nitrous beer, creamy with no hops to speak of; it was smooth and sweet. The distinct aftertaste of chocolate and coffee was there, but the flavors were complex enough that I wouldn’t want to pair the drink with anything.

Reference Point: DRINK IF YOU LIKE Guinness BUT WISH IT WAS sweeter and more complex.


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